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purpose drives every decision. we align your actions with your aspirations, creating a cohesive path towards your goals. Together, we’ll craft a powerful brand identity that resonates with your audience and sets you apart in the marketplace.
your visual identity is the window to your brand’s soul.
we ensure that your online presence is an accurate reflection of your company’s values, personality, and vision. captivating designs that effectively communicate your message to the world.
stories have the power to move, inspire, and connect.
we will craft a compelling narrative that captures your brand’s essence and engages your target audience.
we’ll make sure your story is heard, understood, and appreciated.

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creatively delivering since 2020.

born in Milan, 

Elastik is a creative

agency rooted in Belgium

and Italy.

We bring a contemporary

touch, a professional

outlook, and a strong

commitment to the table.

Our Mission?

To spark awareness

and ignite conversations

throughout the world.

case studies

Embark on a journey of innovation and creativity with us. Our case studies aren’t just projects; they’re immersive experiences where strategies unfurl, visions materialize, and ideas thrive. Browse through our portfolio to witness how we conquer challenges and transform them into triumphant success stories.

68 organisations from 30 countries. EuroMed Rights promotes and protects human rights and democracy, influencing the policies of major European actors.

FYDO Project establishes a facility dog service to support vulnerable victims throughout their participation in criminal proceedings.

47K pregnant women die every year due to complications from unsafe abortion. Amnesty tackles down the issue by campaigning the release of their NFTs.

A victim-centric approach to the Canadian Ontario Provincial Police’s (OPP’s) response to and engagement with victims and survivors of human trafficking.

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Case Study

EuroMed Rights Rebranding

Case Study

FYDO - Leading Support for Justice

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