We Are Real,
We Are Here.

Fundraiser NFT collection

New tools, same fight:
The HURRA campaign

HURRA, Amnesty’s groundbreaking Web3 project, is far more than just another initiative. It’s the embodiment of their strategy to leverage cutting-edge technology to raise awareness, educate the public, and secure the funds needed to drive real change.

Amnesty International has long been at the forefront of fights for human rights and social justice. Abortion Rights battle has become both urgent and critical. We live in a world where what should be a personal choice turned into a political war zone. 

This isn’t just about techy NFTs; this is a lifeline for people running out of options.

The topic of abortion is a minefield.
It’s not just about the right to choose; it’s about access, safety, and equality.
It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to tackle but can’t be ignored.
Politicians dance around it, communities are torn apart by it, and every day, people are forced into desperate choices because of it.

Entering the labyrinthine world of Web3 activism, Amnesty International and From Belgium Witloof had a radical idea: to leverage the untamed landscape of NFTs as a tool for defending abortion rights worldwide. These aren’t your average digital collectibles that are easily pigeonholed as tech trends or investment fads. Instead, these are poignant symbols, intentionally designed to underscore the resolute faces and stories of individuals who grapple with and stand up for reproductive rights every single day.

The visuals for this campaign were purposefully curated not to portray victims but to showcase strong, determined individuals, fighting for what’s rightfully theirs. Our short films are not lamentations; they’re rallying cries—meant to ignite a fire in the belly of society and call them to action.
In a world where the personal is always political, these visuals underline the essence of human resilience, of people willing to stare down the barriers placed before them.

The campaign does more than just coalesce around digital trends; it bridges the gap between the digital universe and the raw, palpable emotions and struggles faced in the real world. Photographs of real, unwavering individuals are woven into our digital narrative, intertwined with the NFT art that we have created. This isn’t a gimmick; it’s a deliberately blurred line between the two realms. It serves as a potent reminder that while technology can amplify voices, the real power lies in the people, their stories, and the collective will to drive change.

The HU.R.R.A. campaign wasn’t about crafting digital art—it was about echoing real-life struggles. Our NFTs, inspired by genuine human experiences, transcended mere pixels, becoming symbols of resilience and advocacy. “We are Real, We are Here” isn’t just a slogan; it’s a testament to the tangible battle for abortion rights and our NFTs’ unveiling. Through artful storytelling, we beckon everyone to see, relate, and rally for the cause.

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We Are Real, We Are Here - Amnesty International