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Raising Awareness

Resilience Reimagined: Empowering Communities in the Face of Terror.

In a landscape marred by the scars of terrorism and mass violence, the challenge of preparing the public for such atrocities stood as a daunting colossus. Victim Support Europe (VSE), Polícia Judiciária Portugal, and Apoio a Vítima (APAV) recognized a pervasive gap: the general public’s knowledge on how to react, survive, and support recovery efforts in the wake of terror. The mission was clear, yet resembled a task of Herculean proportions: to educate and embolden civilians, transforming the average citizen from unprepared bystander to an informed participant in their own safety.

In the quest to fortify the public’s defences against acts of terror, our navigational compass had to be finely tuned. The stakes in this endeavor reached far beyond the superficial – the fabric of European social harmony was at risk of fraying. It was crucial to tread this tightrope with utmost care; on one side lay the danger of inciting social panic, on the other, the risk of trivializing a deeply painful subject that has left indelible marks across the continent.

This delicate balance necessitated a campaign that would resonate with a tone of solemnity and urgency, without tipping into the realms of fear-mongering. The narrative had to be meticulously woven to capture attention and convey the gravity of preparedness, without inadvertently offending those who have been directly affected by these tragedies.

Our mission was to educate without alarm, to inform without trauma, and to empower without overstepping. The communication had to strike a chord – to be impactful yet respectful, authoritative yet empathetic. We were not just disseminating information; we were curating a collective journey towards resilience, ensuring that every word, image, and message was a respectful tribute to past victims and a sturdy shield for potential future ones.

The very nature of terrorism strikes without warning, where standard procedures and protocols seem inadequate. This project was not merely about spreading awareness; it was about instilling resilience and actionable knowledge in the face of unpredictable horror. The objective was not only to make noise but to echo through the consciousness of every individual, fostering a prepared and responsive community.

Our Tactical Advance

Armed with a precise budget of 33,500 Euros and a tight timeframe from September 2022 to March 2023, the mission was set into motion. The strategy employed was multifaceted:

  1. Video Vanguard: We launched a compelling video campaign spearheading the educational front. These weren’t ordinary videos but strategic pieces designed to instill vigilance, knowledge, and a readiness to act amidst chaos.
  2. Public Awakening: Through eye-catching posters, flyers, and survival kits, the message was clear: “This is not just a pot; it’s a ballistic shield in times of an attack.” Each item was not just an artifact but a tactile lesson in survival.
  3. Multilingual Mobilization: Content was crafted not just in one but four languages — English, French, Dutch, and Portuguese. This was not just translation but cultural adaptation, ensuring the message resonated across borders.
  4. Visibility Venture: Enhancing the visibility and authority of project partners in counter-terrorism research was crucial. Each deliverable underscored their pivotal role, painting them as forerunners in societal safety research.

The campaign struck chords across multiple channels: from the physical world of posters and emergency checklists for various settings to the digital dominions of social media and web platforms. A key deliverable was the 2D animated explainer video, a blueprint for survival before, during, and after an attack, which galvanized viewers into action.

The crowning jewel of the campaign was the dedicated platform — a digital bastion filled with quizzes, detailed explanations, and further resources. It wasn’t just a website; it was an academy for the populace, educating them with each click.

As the campaign concluded, it became evident that what seemed like an impossible mission had materialized into a tangible impact. We equipped citizens with not just the foresight of potential danger but the insight and hindsight of preparedness and response. This campaign didn’t just raise awareness; it revolutionized it, transforming passive audiences into an informed, empowered collective, ready to stand firm against the tide of terror.

Interview with Maher: Addressing the crucial need for education on terrorism preparedness

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